The beauty and wonder of Uttarakhand has a peculiar charm- that of a distant home in another land that you visited during childhood. Hills dappled with rhododendrons and deciduous forests, lakes of peculiar shapes bestowing life to quaint tiny towns, where people sit by the fire as dusk approaches and darkness spreads through the sky to talk of life and love and beauty- such is the miracle of Uttarakhand. And every ounce of this miracle is beautifully squeezed in this Overland Himalayan Motor-biking Expedition.

  • Total Duration of the trip:  08 N/09 D
  • Places Covered: Delhi- Nainital- Jageshwar - Chaukori - Munsiari - Kausani - Chopta - Deoriatal- Rishikesh - Delhi
  • Starting Point of the Journey: Delhi
  • Difficulty level:  Moderate
  • Best time: September
  • Fuel Inclusive: Yes 
  • A 1400 Km Overland Motorcycle Tour Crossing Shivaliks and head over to Great Himalayan Range
  • Price for Single Rider is 32000

Per Person Cost


All Inclusive: Fuel + Bikes+ Accommodation+Backup+ Mechanic ; Excludes GST of 5% as per updated Govt. Regulations


Day 01: Delhi to Nainital (301 km)

Departure for Nainital at 6 AM Sharp.Reach Nainital by Day 2pm.Checkin at Pangot Camps.Enjoy Bonfire and Music at Night.

Day 02: Nainital to Jageshwar ( 97 km)

Day 02: Wake up Early and leave Jageshwar, a temple town at a distance of 100 km. The drive to the temple town is a blissful experience. Each frame is the treat for a die-heart nature lover.History of Jageshwar is full of intriguing facts. That makes this abode of Lord Shiva even more fascinating. Jageshwar is one of the oldest shiva temples in India. There are no definite records available leading to the accurate construction period of Jageshwar temple. But according to the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India), they belong to the post-Gupta and pre-medieval eras. And estimated to be about 2500 years old. These temples range from the 8th century, early Katyuri Dynasty, to the 18th century Chand Dynasty. The temples were renovated during the reign of Katyuri King Shalivahandev. It is believed that Adi Shankaracharya visited Jageshwar Dham and re-established many temples before leaving for his journey ahead to Kedarnath. During early days, pilgrims would pass through Jageshwar en route to Kailash and Mansarovar.

Day 03: Jageshwar to Chaukori (94 km)

Nestled coyly amidst a green cover comprising of orchards, oak and pine trees, vast expanses of cornfields, Chaukori is your ultimate dream destination. Though, the land of flowers and mountains-Uttarakhand is dotted with many scenic and pristine hill stations, yet, there is something very special about Chaukori that most of you wouldn’t have experienced elsewhere.

Day 04: Chaukori to Munsiyari (165 km)

Finally this day the journey will take you the mesmerising pine forest of Uttarakhand. The stretch of 97 km consists of beautiful roads, water crossings, unmatched mountain views. The destination is known for a daunting view of Snow Covered Pachachuli Peak from every corner of the small village. Munsiyari is also known as a base camp for many high peak expeditions. Overnight at the guest house.

Day 05: Munsiyari to Kausani( 165 km )

Day 05 wake up early and head over for long windy ride to Kausani. This town is known for it's 360 degree view of the Great Himalayan Range.

Day 06: Kausani to Chopta (161 km)

Day 06 again is a charming Ride exposing you to the pristine Pine Forest Trail.Cruse through the winding roads and cross the Temple Town of Rudraprayag. In Few Hours the trail takes you to Chaukhutia, an ancient and satellite town serving to the remote regions of Uttarakhand.From Chaukhutia, the ride becomes even more dramatic and the pines of Kumaon mesmerises you even further.
By evening hours Reach Chopta, a high altitude grassland nestled under the shadow of Gangotri group of mountains.

Day 07: Chopta to Deoriatal ( 25km by road- 2 km trek)

Day 07, head over to Sari village at a distance of 25 km from Chopta. Take a 2 km trek from Sari village to reach an alpine lake,Deoria tal in the vicinity of the village. The lake is known for its reflection of Chakhamba group of Mountains.

Day 08: Deoriatal To Rishikesh ( 250 km

Departure for Rishikesh at 6 Am Sharp. Reach Rishikesh by 2 pm.

Day 09: Departure for Delhi

Reach Delhi by 1 pm. Tour Ends here.


Question 1- Labour Cost and Repair

For any Repair during the expedition no Labour cost will be charged and you will bear the cost to cost of the spare part that is being repaired or replaced.In case the bike is not repairable you will be handed over a certain bike so that your journey don't end midway and you ride until your bike gets repaired.

Question 2- Speed

The speed limit depends on the regions you cross during your overland mountain expedition.You will be handed over the speed chart and the guidelines once you start the expedition .

Question 3- Damage to Bike, Insurance and Payable amount.(Important)

a) The bikes are insured.In case of minute damage to the bike(restricted to categories identified by the us) no damage will be borne by you and we will take the damage upon them in good faith.The list of categories of damage will be handed over to you during the assembly period.

b)In case the bike is damaged to such an extent that it becomes expensive to repair the bike.The expenses of the repairs will have to be transferred to you and the you will have to pay the amount to settle the damage.

c)In case the Bike becomes totally non repairable, which means the bike has suffered huge damage and not in a state to recovered to use it further, the amount discussed upon further discussion with the insurance companies have to be borne by you.

Question 4 - Accommodation

All accommodation throughout the trip will be on twin sharing basis.

Question 5 - How do Foreign Nationals Make Payment

Prices, Inclusions and Exclusions are different for Foreign and Indian Nationals.Please read the Inclusion and Exclusion thoroughly before making the payment
All Payment solution is available securely by Net banking, International Debit and Credit Cards and Pay pal.

Question 6 - Bikes Available

Type 1: 350 CC Royal Enfield Classic
Type 2: 350 CC Royal Enfield Electra
Type 3: 350 CC Royal Enfield Standard

Question 7- What physical criteria will ensure I'm fit enough to Do the Expedition?

Good overall fitness, flexibility, and healthy will ensure you complete the expedtition safely and comfortably. Those with acute or chronic health conditions impacting their stamina, range of motion, coordination, or balance may have difficulty completing the expedition. If you are in doubt about your own physical readiness, consult a physician well in advance of booking your trip!

Question 7- What do I need to know about sun protection?

It may seem counter-intuitive, but your skin is in more danger of sun damage on the mountains than while at the beach! The sun's intensity increases dramatically as we rise in altitude, and fresh snow reflects exponentially more UV rays than does the sand. You will need to protect your skin with clothing and sunblock. A sunblock specifically for mountain conditions is recommended. If you wear prescription eyeglasses its recommend that you get your prescription fitted to sunglasses.

Question 8-What happens if I get sick or injured during the expedition ?

We take all possible precautions to proactively ensure the safety and wellness of our rider, but rest assured that our guides are trained and experienced in dealing with emergencies. Each guide is trained in first aid. In the case of altitude sickness, you will immediately be taken to a lower altitude. If necessary, your guide will rescue you to the nearest Sattelite town.

Question 9-Are solo female travelers safe on Himalayan Expeditions?

We ensure the travel safety of all our guests, both male and female. Indian himalayas, on the whole, is both very safe and welcoming of foreign visitors. We have longstanding, strong relationships with the lodges we frequent, and know them to be safe and reliable. In addition our guides are consistently mindful of all guests' whereabouts while travelling. We travel in small groups, all the better to easily maintain continual contact.

Question 10-What communication options exist while Expedition?

It varies. Mobile coverage is expanding around the world rapidly, and the Himalayas are no different… did you know that 3G coverage is available all over Mount Everest? There is no guarantee of uninterrupted coverage.


  • Inclusions for Indian Travellers

  • 1- 350 CC Royal Enfield Dual Rider with Fuel
    2- Mechanic with all the spare parts and Backup support through out the Journey.
    3- Accommodation for 8 Night with Breakfast and Dinner.
    4- Fuel for the full Journey.
    5- Visits to Places of cultural and Historical Importance.
    6- Trek to Tungnath Chopta and Deoriatal.
    7- Any Permits and Camping Charges.
    8- Road Captain , Bike Sweeper and Support Staff through out the tour.


  • Exclusions for Indian Travellers

  • 1-Any Kind of Personal Gear.
    2-Any Kind of Personal Expenses or Optional Tours / Extra Meals Ordered
    3-Anything not specifically mentioned under the head “Prices Included”.
    4-Tips, Insurance, Laundry, Phone Calls.
    5-Any Kind of Drinks (Alcoholic, Mineral, Aerated)
    6-Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary/ stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, roadblocks and/or any factors beyond control of Eccentric Travels Private Limited.
    7-Any Air Fare/ Bus Fare/Train Fare to and fro Delhi.
    8- GST of 5% as per updated Government Regulations
    9-Biking Gear For Rider and pillion (Helmets + Elbow Guard + Knee Guard + Gloves) can be rented out at 70 Rs/day per head.

    Cancellation Policy

    Case 1- Cancellation from Customer's end

    1-30% of the deposit amount if cancelled 30 days prior to trip start date.
    2-50% of the Full amount if cancelled 20 days prior to trip start date.
    3-100% of the Full amount if cancelled 10 days prior to trip start date.

    Case 2- Cancellation due to Natural Contingency,Political Turmoil, Disaster

    No Money will be Refunded in Case 2.

    In case the balance payment is yet to be made from customers end, the customer would be liable to pay the remaining amount.

    Essentials List

    1 High Quality Winter Jacket
    3 High Quality Winter Fleece
    1 Rain Cover for Body
    2 Pair Warmers
    3 Pair Tre/Riding Pants

    Other Essential

    1 Winter Cap
    1 Pair High QualityGloves
    1 Scarf and Muffler
    1 Trek/Riding Shoe
    1 Think Outer and Thin Inner Socks
    12 Pair: Change Socks Everyday
    1-Back Pack (50-70 lt.)
    1-Rain Cover For Bags
    1-Sandals Slippers for Evenings
    2-Insulated Water bottles


    2-Battery packs
    2 10000 MAH BATTERIES
    4-6 Camera Battery pack
    1-Head lamps

    Toilet Essential

    1 Winter Face Creme/Sun Protection
    1 Face Wash
    1 Hand Sanitiser
    1 Deodorant

    Riding Essentials

    1 High Quality Riding Gloves
    1 Barack Lava
    1 Pair Riding Arm Guard
    1 Pair Riding Knee Guard


  • Documentation for Indian Travellers

  • 1- Every Rider has the responsibility for submitting the required documents within the below mentioned timeline.
    2- A scanned copy of Photo Identity to be submitted within 7 days of the date of booking the expedition.
    3- Signed and scanned copy of the indemnity form

  • Documentation for Foreign nationals

  • 1- Every Rider has the responsibility for submitting the required documents within the below mentioned timeline.
    2- A scanned copy of Photo Identity to be submitted within 7 days of the date of booking the expedition.
    3- Signed and scanned copy of the indemnity form
    4- Self Attested scanned copy of Indian Visa 30 days prior to trip start date
    5- Self Attested scanned Copy of Passport 30 days prior to trip start date
    6-Schedule for Arrival and Departure in India.
    Available Dates

    What's so great about us!

    Extraordinary, Extreme and Breathtaking Himalayan Expeditions.
    Expert team of certified mountaineering guides.
    High Quality Camping Equipments, Technical Equipments for Climbing and Mountaineering.
    Highly Skilled Bike Leader/Sweeper and Mechanic for Motorbiking Expeditions.
    Huge fleet of Royal Enfield Bikes for Overland Himalayan Motorbiking Expeditions.
    Extensive knowledge of Himalayan Ecosystem and Geographical territory.
    Critical response team well trained for Altitude sickness, High Altitude Acclimatisation Problems and Emergency exits.
    Huge Network of Guesthouses, homestay and Hotels for extraordinary stay.
    Professional team of Film Makers and Photographers for Shoot during Travel.
    High Quality Goodies for Each traveller.