Rajasthan has been India’s royal court, the gem of her glittering bygone past and the golden page of her history. Jewelled with the most beautiful palaces and forts of the country, painted in the most vibrant hues of India’s culture, and delicately decorated with the most pristine of nature’s beauty, Rajasthan is a land of unbelievable and breathtaking beauty, its soul royal and regal. Rajasthan motorcycle tour takes you on an epic journey to the land of royals. Overview Rajasthan Motorcycle Tour
  • Total Duration of the trip:  06 N/07 D
  • Places Covered: Delhi - Jhunjhunu - Bikaner - Jaisalmer- Longewala - Jodhpur - Pushkar - Jaipur - Delhi
  • Starting Point of the Journey: Delhi
  • Difficulty level:  Moderate
  • Best time: November to March
  • Fuel Inclusive: NO 
  • Price for Personal Bike Per Person : 42000 Per person
  • Price for Single Rider Per Person : 56000 Per person
  • **Please read the FAQ's section in proper details before making the booking

Per Person Cost


Includes: RE 350 CC I Stay I Meals I Support Staff I Mechanic I Backup I Excludes GST of 5%


Day 1: Delhi to Jhunjhunu ( 203 Km)

Start your day early at 6 am and head over to Jhunjhunu, a small hamlet in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.The town is famous for the frescos on its grand havelis. It is also known for its Khetri Mahal which originally served as an inspiration for Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh of Jaipur to build a Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. Relax for the day and indulge in the local discovery.

Day 2: Jhunjhunu to Bikaner (217 Km)

Day 2 Head over to Bikaner which is at a distance of 217 Km from Jhunjhunu.Bikaner is a vibrant, dust-swirling desert town with a fabulous fort and an energising outpost feel.It’s less dominated by tourism than many other Rajasthan cities, though it has plenty of hotels and a busy camel-safari scene, which attracts travellers looking to avoid the Jaisalmer hustle.

Day 3: Bikaner Local Discovery

Indulge in the discovery of local gems in this historical city

Day 4: Bikaner to Jaisalmer (330 Km)

Wake up Early and Head over to Jaisalmer which is surely a long ride from Bikaner. o. The city of Jaisalmer acts as the guard to western Rajasthan (and India’s) frontier. This 'Golden City’ is located close to the Pakistan border and in close proximity to the Thar Desert. The city’s most prominent landmark is the Jaisalmer Fort, also called Sonar Qila (Golden Fort). Unlike most other forts in India, Jaisalmer Fort is not just a tourist attraction. It houses shops, hotels and ancient havelis (homes) where generations continue to live.

Day 5: Jaisalmer Local Discovery

Indulge in the discovery of local gems in this historical city

Day 6: Jaisalmer to Longewala to Sam Sand Dunes ( 230 km)

Day 4 is ride towards Longewala, which is a border town in the Thar Desert in the western part of Jaisalmer. It is very close to the border with Pakistan and is most notable as the location of the Battle of Longewala during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971. During evening hours return back to Sam Sand dunes of Jaisalmer and Indulge in the never ending experience of Thar Desert.

Day 7: Jaisalmer to Jodhpur

On Day 5 ride from one historic City to another historic city. Head over to Jodhpur and indulge in the historic city for the evening.

Day 8: Jodhpur Local Discovery

Indulge in the discovery of local gems in this historical city

Day 9: Jodhpur to Pushkar

Day 6 ride towards Pushkar, a town of religious significance and known for it Pushkar Fair. Stroll through the city streets and pay homage to Brahma Temple, one of its kind in the world.Relax for the day

DAY 10: Pushkar Local Discovery

Indulge in the discovery of local gems in this historical city

Day 11: Pushkar to Delhi

Last day, head directly to Jaipur crossing Ajmer and Jaipur.


  • Important Points to be Read Carefully

  • Rented bike is the responsibility of the traveler. A traveler Joining the expedition takes full responsibility to keep the bike safe and Sound. Please understand in a motorcycle expedition the situation at times are not under the control of traveller and are affected by multiple external factors. In any case a bike is damaged while riding, the traveller is responsible for the same. Please read the following guidelines:

    a)In case of minute damage to the bike(restricted to categories identified by the us) no damage will be borne by you and we will take the damage upon us in good faith.The list of categories of damage will be handed over to you in Delhi.

    b) In case the bike is damaged to such an extent that it becomes expensive to repair the bike.The expenses of the repairs will have to be transferred to you and the you will have to pay the amount to settle the damage.The list of categories of damage will be handed over to you in Delhi.

    c) In case the Bike becomes totally non repairable, which means the bike has suffered huge damage and not in a state to recovered to use it further, the amount discussed upon further discussion have to be borne by you.

    d) Any cost of Medical Expenses such as Transfer to satellite town due to Medical Emergencies will have to be covered by the traveller. Also in case any additional medical services plus an additional service to carry out the medical service is required the cost have to be borne by the traveller.

    e) The tour is an adventure tour and the travellers have to adhere to the rules and regulations set by Eccentric Travels Private Limited. Any behaviour which might result in delay, non completion of the tour will result in termination of the traveller.

    f) Any kind of Motorcycle accessories such as Ropes to Tie the Bags, Jericans to carry backup fuel are not included in the itinerary and are a personal expense.

    g) Group discount is a company policy and can result to different pricing for different travellers. Though the pricing difference is marginal. Eccentric Travel’s private limited has full right to offer discounted pricing to travellers coming in group and to fill up the seats at the last minute. Any kind of discussion on this matter will not be undertaken and will not be justified.

    h) The Main Purpose of the Backup Vehicle is for luggage and Emergencies such as accidents, ill health. The Backup vehicle is also used by Mechanic and support staff for the journey. In case of emergencies travellers can make full use of Backup Vehicle. No Queries for backup vehicle will be entertained in case of fatigue and tiredness. It is a motorcycle expedition and we insist travellers to make up their mind before joining the expedition

    g) The Expedition takes you to places which are yet not developed with less access to huge accommodation facilities. Thought we put in 100 percent to provide single accommodation facility to the whole group. At times it becomes almost impossible to do the same. There may be times when the group is asked to stay in two different properties.

    h) The itinerary is subject to change due to weather conditions, political turmoil, administrative decision or Union conflicts any time during the year. Any necessary arrangements made due to the change in itinerary following the above mentioned reason , the cost have to be borne by the traveller.

    i) The motorcycle included in the itinerary is a machine and can breakdown any time during the tour. The Mechanic responsibility is to repair the Motorcycle. The repair at times goes beyond the capacity of mechanic and can take longer than expected.

    j) The tour is specifically an adventure tour and not a luxury vacation.. Though we promise to keep everything hygienic , but a luxury cannot be promised at our ends.

    k)The food provided to you is veg + egg during all days of Tour. The meals are designed to provide you with enough nutrition for the tour. Hygiene is a priority and will not be compromised with, however the taste is subjective. Please also note that there may be times you are provided with Rice in two meals simultaneously. Bear with it. It is because of the arduous conditions and not because of our in capabilities.

    Question 1- Labour Cost and Repair

    For any Repair during the expedition no Labour cost will be charged and you will bear the cost to cost of the spare part that is being repaired or replaced.

    Question 2- Speed

    The speed limit depends on the regions you cross during your overland mountain expedition.You will be handed over the speed chart and the guidelines once you start the expedition .

    Question 3 - Accommodation

    All accommodation throughout the trip will be on twin sharing basis.

    Question 4 - How do Foreign Nationals Make Payment

    Prices, Inclusions and Exclusions are different for Foreign and Indian Nationals.Please read the Inclusion and Exclusion thoroughly before making the payment
    All Payment solution is available securely by Net banking, International Debit and Credit Cards and Pay pal.

    Question 5 - Bikes Available

    Type 1: 350 CC Royal Enfield Classic
    Type 2: 350 CC Royal Enfield Electra
    Type 3: 350 CC Royal Enfield Standard

    Question 6- What physical criteria will ensure I'm fit enough to Do the Expedition?

    Good overall fitness, flexibility, and healthy will ensure you complete the expedtition safely and comfortably. Those with acute or chronic health conditions impacting their stamina, range of motion, coordination, or balance may have difficulty completing the expedition. If you are in doubt about your own physical readiness, consult a physician well in advance of booking your trip!


  • Inclusions for Indian Travellers

  • 1- 350 CC Royal Enfield Dual Rider Fuel
    2- Mechanic with all the spare parts and Backup support through out the Journey.
    3- Accommodation for 10 Night with Breakfast and Dinner.
    4- Fuel for the full Journey.
    5- Visits to Places of cultural and Historical Importance.
    6- Any Permits and Camping Charges.
    7- Road Captain , Bike Sweeper and Support Staff through out the tour.


  • Exclusions for Indian Travellers

  • 1-Any rescue service expenses.
    2-Fuel for the Journey.
    3-Any Meals during the Road Transfers.
    4-Lunch during the tour
    5-Accompanied paramedic/ doctor.
    6-Any personnel expenses like, Trekking gears (optional), drinks, bar & beverages, laundry, telephone, tips, donations, video camera fees, room service, and anything which is not included in the above.
    7-Any Cost of Personal Clothing.
    8-Any cost arising out of Political Turmoil, Natural Disaster or Administrative Decision which are not under the control of Eccentric Travels will have to be borne by the traveller.
    9-GST of 5% as per updated Govt Regulations.
    10-Jerican Cost for Backup fuel.
    11-Cost of Bottled water during the expedition.

  • Backpacks Offloading Charges

  • Backpack offloading: Eccentric Travels expects Travellers to offload their own backpacks -- which contains clothes, warm gears, toilet kits etc.If for some reason you do not want to offload your backpacks from the backup vehicle to the rooms assigned and back you can offload the same by paying an additional charge.Partial offloading is not allowed.

    Cancellation Policy

    Case 1- Cancellation from Customer's end

    1-30% of the deposit amount if cancelled 30 days prior to trip start date.
    2-70% of the Full amount forfeited if cancelled 20 days prior to trip start date.
    3-100% of the Full amount forfeited if cancelled 10 days prior to trip start date.

    Case 2- Cancellation due to Natural Contingency,Political Turmoil, Disaster and No Show

    No Money will be Refunded in Case 2.

    In case the balance payment is yet to be made from customers end, the customer would be liable to pay the remaining amount.

    Essentials List

    1 High Quality Winter Jacket
    3 High Quality Winter Fleece
    1 Rain Cover for Body
    2 Pair Warmers
    3 Pair Tre/Riding Pants

    Other Essential

    1 Winter Cap
    1 Pair High QualityGloves
    1 Scarf and Muffler
    1 Trek/Riding Shoe
    1 Think Outer and Thin Inner Socks
    12 Pair: Change Socks Everyday
    1-Back Pack (50-70 lt.)
    1-Rain Cover For Bags
    1-Sandals Slippers for Evenings
    2-Insulated Water bottles


    2-Battery packs
    2 10000 MAH BATTERIES
    4-6 Camera Battery pack
    1-Head lamps

    Toilet Essential

    1 Winter Face Creme/Sun Protection
    1 Face Wash
    1 Hand Sanitiser
    1 Deodorant

    Riding Essentials

    1 High Quality Riding Gloves
    1 Barack Lava
    1 Pair Riding Arm Guard
    1 Pair Riding Knee Guard


  • Documentation for Indian Travellers

  • 1- Every Rider has the responsibility for submitting the required documents within the below mentioned timeline.
    2- A scanned copy of Photo Identity to be submitted within 7 days of the date of booking the expedition.
    3- Signed and scanned copy of the indemnity form

  • Documentation for Foreign nationals

  • 1- Every Rider has the responsibility for submitting the required documents within the below mentioned timeline.
    2- A scanned copy of Photo Identity to be submitted within 7 days of the date of booking the expedition.
    3- Signed and scanned copy of the indemnity form
    4- Self Attested scanned copy of Indian Visa 30 days prior to trip start date
    5- Self Attested scanned Copy of Passport 30 days prior to trip start date
    6-Schedule for Arrival and Departure in India.
    Available Dates

    What's so great about us!

    Extraordinary, Extreme and Breathtaking Himalayan Expeditions.
    Expert team of certified mountaineering guides.
    High Quality Camping Equipments, Technical Equipments for Climbing and Mountaineering.
    Highly Skilled Bike Leader/Sweeper and Mechanic for Motorbiking Expeditions.
    Huge fleet of Royal Enfield Bikes for Overland Himalayan Motorbiking Expeditions.
    Extensive knowledge of Himalayan Ecosystem and Geographical territory.
    Critical response team well trained for Altitude sickness, High Altitude Acclimatisation Problems and Emergency exits.
    Huge Network of Guesthouses, homestay and Hotels for extraordinary stay.
    Professional team of Film Makers and Photographers for Shoot during Travel.
    High Quality Goodies for Each traveller.