Zanskar is a sub district of the Kargil district of the Ladakh region in Jammu and Kashmir, located in the Zanskar range of mountains, and administrated by Padum. It is the country that lies in between the two branches of the Zanskar River, namely the Doda and the Lungnak. This arid semi desert lies on the northern flank of the Great Himalayas, and is geographically very similar to Ladakh, which is why it is usually ignored by tourists. But if you visit this beautiful kingdom of the skies you will curse yourself for ignoring it forever. At an elevation of 6000 m, Zanskar is the wild and untamed valley of the clouds, with the Himalayas guarding it like a mother; it is where the skies speak, and the mountains echo, and the poppies and the edelweiss bloom. What Better place to go for a motorbiking Expedition than Zanskar Itself.

  • Total Duration of the trip:  10 Days
  • Places Covered: Leh, Fotu La, Suru Valley, Rangdum, Pensi la, Drang Drung Glacier, Padum , DZongkhul.
  • Grade: Challenging
  • Maximum Elevation: 15000 ft.
  • Starting Point of the Trip: Manali
  • Bikes:Includes 350 CC Royal Enfield without fuel, dual rider
  • Booking amount- 50%
  • Leh to Leh 
Featured Image by: Tarique Khan Flickr Other Images by: Tarique Khan  & Prabhu B Doss  

Per Person Cost



Day 1: Arrival at Leh

Our representative will receive you from the Kushok bakula Airport, Leh and you will be transferred to Hotel.Utilise this day to acclimatise your body. Talk a walk during the evening hours.Rest for the day.

Day 2: Leh to Mulbek camp via Fotula pass, Overnight in Mulbek camp. (119 km)

Day 2 ride start your ride towards Mulbek Camp following the Srinagar Leh Highway and crossing Nimmu and Alchi. Move out of NH1D just before Lamayuru and head towards Lamayuru crossing Fotu la pass and finally to Mulbekh.
Overnight at Mulbekh.

Day 03: Mulbek to Rangdum via Suru valley, overnight in Rangdum camp(130 km)

Day 3, Start your Journey Early. This day is tough and a long ride till Rangdum. Rangdum lies to the South East of Kargil at a distance of 100 km. Rangdum acts a mid point between Padum and Kargil. Rangdum is situated in a vast valley perched at 3,657 m (11,998 ft), in an isolated region of the Suru valley in the Ladakh region. Enroute witness the most incredible views of Nun-Kun, the twin peaks standing tall at 20000 ft. and guarding the entire Suru Valley. Rangdum, with its gompa and along the village of Juliodok, is the last inhabited region in the Suru valley.From Rangdum the valley rises to 4400 metres above sea level and the opens the gates to Penzli-la, the gateway into Zanskar. Overnight at Zanskar.

Day 04: Rangdum to Padum ( Zanskar) via Penzi la Pass (104 Km)

Day 4 you enter the wild Zanskar valley crossing the Penzil La.Witness the Majestic Drang Drung Glacier, which is ikely to be the largest glacier in Ladakh other than the Siachen Glacier in the Karakoram Range. The history of this kingdom of mountains is as mesmerizing as its geography, with the earliest known inhabitants belonging to the Bronze Age. Historians also believe that an Indo- European tribe by the name Mon lived in the region, and was later replaced by the Dards. Monuments of the Kushan dynasty have also been excavated in the region, making its history more unclear and doubtful. The first trace of Buddhism, the most popular region of this region can be dated back to 200 BC. The most prosperous age of Buddhism in Zanskar was the 8th century, when Buddhism became the state religion of Tibet. The Royal Houses of Zanskar were founded between the 10th and the 11th centuries, and the famous monasteries of Karsha and Pughtal were built around the same time. In 1822, Zanskar was invaded and plundered by a coalition of the tribes of Kulu, Lahoul and Kinnaur, which led to the destruction of the Royal House.

The major population of Zanskar are Tibetan Buddhist, with a small minority of Sunni Muslims. Zanskar is a land separated from the world by a world of mountains of its own, which has kept the traditions of centuries ago alive. From transhumance, a practice where women and children are sent high up in the mountains with the livestock in the summers, to polyandry, a practice where all brothers of the family are married to the same wife, from monasteries, religious sermons to primitive and local methods of cultivating land- Zanskar is where history is living secretly enclosed by the ancient mountains of the Himalayas.

The natural wealth of Zanskar is splendid, dazzling and lavish. The valley blossoms with meadows of edelweiss and blue poppies, and if you are an animal lover you will fall in love with this valley. Yaks, snow leopards, wolves, bear, marmot, kiang, bharal, wild sheep and goats, alpine ibex and lammergeier can be found in their very natural habitat in the valley.

Overnight at Padum, It is the only town and administrative centre in Zanskar Region.

Day 05: Local Discovery ( Karsha monastery, Stogde monastery, Starimo monastery and Zangla palace)(60km)

Day 05 is mostly for discovering the Historical and Cultural gems around Padum.

Day 06: Local Discovery Day Dzongkhul cave, Sani Monastery(30 km)

Day 06, discover the hidden gems of Zaskar.

Dzongkhul monastery or Zonkul Gompa is a monastery located in the Stod valley of Zanskar, near the village of Tangker (half an hour drive by road from Padum) and is a usually ignored by travellers.It is an important shrine of the Buddhist situated on a rock facing the Ating gorge.The main attraction to this place is the presence of the beautiful wall frescoes.

Sani Monastery, is located next to the village of Sani where the Stod Valley broadens into the central plain of Zanskar. It is at a distance of 6 km to the northwest of Padum. Similar to Dzongkhul Monastery, it belongs to the Drukpa Kargyu school of Tibetan Buddhism, and is only one of this order in Zanskar which has nuns. It is thought to be the oldest religious site in the whole region of Ladakh and Zanskar.

Day 07: Padum to Rangdum via Penzi la pass and Drang Drung (104 km)

Drive Back to Rangdum following back the same route.

Day 08: Rangdum to Mulbek camp via suru valley, overnight in Mulbek camp (130 km)

Head back to Mulbekh Camp site.

Day 09: Mulbekh Camp to Leh (119 km)

Finally Drive Back to Leh via the Link Road and NH 1D.

Day 10: Departure From Leh

Take a flight back to your home destination.



1-Accommodation in Guest house/hotel in Leh on MAP (breakfast & dinner) on Day 1 & Day 10
2-Accommodation in Fixed Tented Camps at Mulbekh, Padum, Rangdum (breakfast & dinner).
3- MAP basis (Room + Breakfast + Dinner). Breakfast will start on 2nd day And Dinner will start from day one.
4-One support/ back-up vehicle (Mahindra Bolero camper) throughout the bike tour.
5-350 CC Royal Enfield bike with Helmet and without fuel as per the itinerary.
6-One bike mechanic through the biking tour with spare parts.
7-Tour Guide & Entrances to place of visit & Restricted Area Permit and wildlife fee.
8-First aid kit entire tour.
09-One time Bonfire during camping(based on permit and availability of wood).
12-Applicable taxes.


1-Any airfare & train fare apart from mentioned above in inclusion.
2-Fuel for the journey.
3-Travel & medical insurance.
4-Any rescue service expenses.
5-Accompanied paramedic/ doctor.
6-Main meal (lunch) throughout the tour.
Any personnel expenses like, biking gears (optional), drinks, bar & beverages, laundry,telephone, tips, donations, video camera fees, room service, and anything which is not included in the above.

*Cancellation Policy

1- 30% of the deposit amount if cancelled 30 days prior to trip start date.
2- 50% of the deposit amount if cancelled 20 days prior to trip start date.
3- 90% of the Full amount if cancelled 10 days prior to trip start date.

Cancellation Policy

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