This has to be one of the most satisfying treks in the Garhwal Himalayas where you not only camp at the foot of lofty Himalayan peak but also cross the massive Gaumukh Glacier, the origin of Ganga River. The best way to put this Gaumukh Tapovan Trek Trek in three words would be – “the holy trail”. One of the sacred Char Dham, Gangotri Temple is a key attraction of this trek. Gangotri is the place from where Bhagirathi River descends. It is situated at an altitude of 3,048mts above sea level and acts as the base camp of the trek to Gaumukh Glacier. Gaumukh is the second largest glacier of India, first one being Siachen. Gaumukh Glacier is 30kms in length and approximately 4kms wide. The Himalayan peaks visible during this Gaumukh Tapovan Trek are Shivling, Meru, Bhagirathi sisters, Kharchkund & More.

The trekking route is open for trekkers and pilgrims from May to October. Gangotri National Park closes during winters as it is prone to heavy snowfall.

        • Total Duration of the trip:  07 Days
        • Days on Trek: 06 Days
        • Maximum Elevation: 14640 Ft.
        • Starting Point of the Trek: Gangotri , Uttarakhand
        • Difficulty level:  Moderate to Difficult
        • Best time: April to November
        • Price for Foreign Nationals is € 750 per person( Read FAQ's, inclusions and Exclusions for further Details)

Per Person Cost


All Inclusive Cost: Guide,Equipment,Meals. Price Excludes GST of 5%


Day 01: Dehradun – Uttarkashi – Gangotri: Drive 258 Kms, 10 hrs

Uttarkashi is one of the major towns of Uttarakhand thus buses and shared cabs are easily available from Dehradun. You can board shared cabs to Uttarkashi from Rispana Pul in Dehradun. This 5-6hrs drive passes through Mussoorie Bypass Road offering scenic views. The massive Tehri Dam Lake also comes into view as you proceed towards Chilyanisaur.

After a short break at Uttarkashi continue another 4 hour drive to reach Gangotri via Harsil. If you start from Dehradun at around 6am then you will probably reach Uttarkashi by 12 Noon. Take another shared cab to Gangotri from Uttarkashi. Perform evening aarti at Gangotri Temple and obtain the permits to enter Gangotri National Park. Overnight in Hotel.

Day 02: Gangotri – Chirbasa – Bhojbasa: Trek 14 Kms

Visit the sacred shrine of Goddess Ganga and buy all the necessary items from the market. The trek starts with a decent trail and it remains the same till further 2kms where you need to show permits. As you walk deep into the valley the vegetation also decreases. Continue trekking to reach Chirbasa which is situated 9kms from Gangotri Town. Cross small streams en route to Chirbasa. Chirbasa is a good campsite and the last point where you’ll see good vegetation. You can camp here if there are any signs of AMS. Chirbasa is situated at an elevation of 3, 580mts above sea level.

Bhojwasa is located 5kms from Chirbasa. Bhagirathi Peaks stands high above the ground and is constantly visible during the trek. The trail not only goes through rugged terrains along with the Bhagirathi River but also climbs up to rugged mountains. Bhojbasa is a vast open expanse of land in the valley, situated at an elevation of 3,800mts above sea level. You can visit ashrams at Bhojwasa to perform aarti or stroll around the Bhagirathi River, gazing at Bhagirathi Peaks in total awe.

Day 03: Bhojbasa – Tapovan: Trek 10 Kms

There are two routes by which you can reach Tapovan. First one being the classic route via Gaumukh Glacier for which you need to follow the trail going to Gaumukh which can be seen on the left side from Bhojwasa. Gaumukh Glacier is 5kms from Bhojwasa. Then you need to traverse the glacier and climb the unapologetically steep rugged wall to reach Tapovan. The second route requires crossing Bhagirathi River from Bhojwasa itself. You need to walk on moraines for many kilometers with constant view of Gaumukh Glacier from distant. Climb the ridge covered with snow to reach Tapovan.

Tapovan campsite is located at the foot of Mount Shivling (6,543 mts), just a glance of this mountain is a priceless gift of this trek. And if Shivling peak is not enough then Kharchkund & Meru Peak will definitely leave you speechless. Tapovan is situated at 4400mts above sea level.

Day 04: Tapovan – Nandanvan: Trek 7 Kms

This trekking stretch involves long walk over exposed glacier so start early in the morning. The trek starts with steep descent from Tapovan to reach the glacier and ends with steep climb of approximately 100mts to reach Nandanvan.

The view of Shivling peak from Nandanvan is a lot different than what is visible from Tapovan and both the views are awe-inspiring. Crossing the massive Gaumukh Glacier is the highlight of this trek. Nandanvan is situated at 4450mts above sea level.

Day 05: Nandanvan – Gaumukh – Bhojwasa: Trek 12 Kms

The trek starts off with rugged terrains and moraines. Descent on moraines will require extra attention from your legs while trekking. Trek slowly and take a break after you reach the snout of Gaumukh Glacier to experience its massiveness. This is the point where the holy Ganges emerges from, it all begins here. Further trek down to reach Bhojbasa .

Day 06: Bhojbasa – Chirbasa – Gangotri: Trek 14 Kms

Gangotri National Park is rich in wildlife and you will most likely see herd of Bharal’s (Blue Sheep) grazing on the ridges. Enjoy the last kilometers of the trek from Bhojbasa to Gangotri. If you reach Gangotri at around noon and wish to continue traveling till Uttarkashi then you can hire a cab. But don’t forget to pray at Gangotri Temple after returning.

Day 07: Gangotri – Uttarkashi – Dehradun: Drive 258 Kms, 10 Hrs

Drive back to Dehradun.


  • Important Points to be Read Carefully

  • Backpack offloading: Eccentric Travels expects trekkers to carry their own backpacks -- which contains clothes, warm gears, toilet kits etc. Camping gears like tents/sleeping bags is carried by Eccentric Travels support team. If for some reason you do not want to carry your backpack, you can offload the same by paying an additional charge.Partial offloading is not allowed. Charges vary for offloading on arrival at the base camp. Also, offloading on arrival may be refused if sufficient man/animal power is not available. Your offloaded backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kgs. No suitcases/strolleys/ duffel bags are allowed for offloading.

  • General terms & conditions

  • 1- This Trek is an high altitude expedition and involves risk. Each individual will have to sign an indemnity form before joining the expedition.

    2- Every Traveller bears the responsibility of carrying his/her Luggage. There is no personal porter assigned to carry your luggage. However if you wish to add a porter to your itinerary a charge of 400 / per day per porter will be levied.

    3- Since the treks take you to most arduous regions of the country, please keep in mind that you will not be provided with luxury facilities. Though we promise to keep everything hygienic , but a luxury cannot be promised at our ends.

    4- Since its a high altitude expedition , you will not have access to Hot water for bathing and washing your organs on trek days. Due to low availability of wood its practically impossible to provide you hot water for such purpose. Since it will be cold during trek days, you would be provided with hot water to drink.

    5-Please note, due to lack of huge accommodation issues in these regions there may be times that we accommodate 3 people in one room.

    6- Once you agree to join the expedition, discipline is must and you will have to agree to the rules and regulation set by Eccentric Travels private Limited. Any behaviour which leads to delay or non agreement can lead to termination of traveller.

    7-Group discount is a company policy and can result to different pricing for different travellers. Though the pricing difference is marginal. Eccentric Travel’s private limited has full right to offer discounted pricing to travellers coming in group and to fill up the seats at the last minute. Any kind of discussion on this matter will not be undertaken and will not be justified.

    8-There may be delays in food at times because of the movable camps and logic that the support staff walks with you to the next campsite. Please make up your mind for the same.

    9- The Trek does not include any road transfer to/from Gangotri to/from your place of origin.

    10- The food provided to you is veg + egg during all days of trek. The meals are designed to provide you with enough nutrition for the trek. Hygiene is a priority and will not be compromised with, however the taste is subjective. Please also note that there may be times you are provided with Rice in two meals simultaneously. Bear with it. It is because of the arduous conditions and not because of our in capabilities.

    11- Bonfire at this altitude feels a necessity. However the more higher you ascend the lesser the availability of wood. Above 9000 ft. the tree line ends and all you have is grass and shrubs. Bonfire will be subject to availability of wood and permits from the local authorities.

    12- Emergency during trek: In a trek a medical emergency or any other emergency may arise. If for any reason you are sent down from the trek then Eccentric Travels will make arrangements for your return to the base camp or nearest road head. A staff will accompany you. He may not be a trained personnel.

    Evacuation or dealing with emergencies is extremely difficult in the mountains. It is time consuming as well. A normal trek of 2 hours may take 6 hours in an emergency (a sick person is not easy to evacuate). Doctors do not go along with a team. Doctors are not available at the base camp or nearest road head either. Eccentric Travels trek leaders are trained to administer first aid and know how to deal with issues related to the mountains. However, they are not doctors.

    Registering for this trek is an understanding that you have read up on the difficulties of high altitude trekking and understand the risks. You have also understood what AMS, HAPE and HACE are. You have taken efforts to educate yourself and you are in a position to manage your own altitude related emergency.

    Question 1- Is this Trek Safe for Amateurs

    Some Degree of Fitness is required to Complete this trek. Yes Amatuers can safely complete this trek with in the designated time.

    Question 2- What is the maximum Altitude Covered

    The maximum altitude covered during the trek is 14638 ft.(Tapovan)

    Question 3- What are the place covered in this trek.(Important)

    The places covered are Gangotri Shrine, Chirbasa , Bhojwasa ,Nandanvan, Gaumukh(Ganga Glacier) and Tapovan( Base Camp Mt. Shivling)

    Question 4 - What peaks are spotted during the trek

    Please Spotted are

    1- Mt. Shivling
    2- Mt. Meru
    3- Bhagirathi group of peaks
    4- Kharch kund
    5- Vasuki parvat
    6- Sudarshan
    7- Thelu
    9- Manda Group Of Peaks

    Question 5 -How will we deal with altitude acclimation?At higher altitudes

    The kind we experience frequently on our treks- your cardiac and pulmonary systems are affected by lower oxygen density. Our bodies must adjust to the mountain elevation gradually, or we can become ill. Physical symptoms can range from general breathing difficulties all the way to acute mountain sickness (altitude sickness, soroche, or "the bends"). To avoid altitude-related maladies, we pace our treks appropriately and incorporate acclimatization days throughout the itinerary. There are points throughout many treks during which trekkers may choose to either tackle additional hikes/day trips or rest and relax as their bodies demand.

    Question 6-How do I Reach Gangotri

    Gangotri being one of the Char Dhams can be easily accessed from Dehradun and Delhi. Regular Buses and Private Taxis Ply between Dehradun and Gangotri.

    Question 7- How do Foreign Nationals Make the Payment

    Prices, Inclusions and Exclusions are different for Foreign and Indian Nationals.Please read the Inclusion and Exclusion thoroughly before making the payment
    All Payment solution is available securely by Net banking, International Debit and Credit Cards and Pay pal.

    Question 8- What physical criteria will ensure I'm fit enough to trek?

    Good overall fitness, flexibility, and healthy will ensure you trek safely and comfortably. Those with acute or chronic health conditions impacting their stamina, range of motion, coordination, or balance may have difficulty completing the trek. If you are in doubt about your own physical readiness, consult a physician well in advance of booking your trip! General hiking experience and comfort with the idea of multi-day hiking will also ensure you are 100% ready to trek!

    Question 9- What do I need to know about sun protection?

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but your skin is in more danger of sun damage on the mountains than while at the beach! The sun's intensity increases dramatically as we rise in altitude, and fresh snow reflects exponentially more UV rays than does the sand. You will need to protect your skin with clothing and sunblock. A sunblock specifically for mountain conditions is recommended. If you wear prescription eyeglasses its recommend that you get your prescription fitted to sunglasses.

    Question 10-What happens if I get sick or injured while trekking?

    We take all possible precautions to proactively ensure the safety and wellness of our trekkers, but rest assured that our guides are trained and experienced in dealing with emergencies. Each guide is trained in first aid. In the case of altitude sickness, you will immediately be taken to a lower altitude. If necessary, your guide will rescue you to the nearest Sattelite town.

    Question 11-Are solo female travelers safe on Himalayan treks?
    We ensure the travel safety of all our trekking guests, both male and female. Indian himalayas, on the whole, is both very safe and welcoming of foreign visitors. We have longstanding, strong relationships with the lodges we frequent, and know them to be safe and reliable. In addition our guides are consistently mindful of all guests' whereabouts while trekking. We travel in small groups, all the better to easily maintain continual contact.

    Question 12-What communication options exist while trekking?
    What communication options exist while trekking?
    It varies. Mobile coverage is expanding around the world rapidly, and the Himalayas are no different… did you know that 3G coverage is available all over Mount Everest? There is no guarantee of uninterrupted coverage.


  • Inclusions for Indian Travellers

  • 1-Accommodation in Tents during the Trek.
    2-2 Night Accommodation in Gangotri on Day 1 and Day 6.
    3-3 Meals during the Days of Trek (Veg Meals)( Day 2 - Day 6).
    4-1 Meal on the arrival at Gangotri on Day 1
    5-1 Meal on the arrival on Gangotri on Day 6
    6-First Aid+Medical Kit + Oxygen cylinder during the Trek.
    7-A Certified Mountaineering guide throughout the trek.
    8-Support Staff including Trek leader + Kitchen Staff +(Mules + Porter)* to Carry the Kitchen and Trek Equipments.
    9-Trek Equipments(Sleeping bags Tents + Sleeping Mats) for the trek.
    10-Permits Required for the Trek.

  • Important Point related to Inclusions

  • The inclusion in the itinerary are strictly restricted to above mentioned items. No other item apart from the above mentioned item is included in the cost of the itinerary.No assumptions or Guesses.If it's not mentioned, it's not included.


  • Exclusions for Indians

  • 1-Any rescue service expenses.
    2-Any Porter for Personal Luggage for Travellers
    3-Any Meals during the Road Transfers.
    4-Breakfast on Day 7 of Arrival and Departure at Gangotri.
    5-Accompanied paramedic/ doctor.
    6-Any personnel expenses like, personal Trekking gears, drinks, bar & beverages, laundry, telephone, tips, donations, video camera fees, room service, and anything which is not included in the above.
    7-Any Cost of Personal Clothing.
    8-Any cost arising out of Political Turmoil, Natural Disaster or Administrative Decision which are not under the control of Eccentric Travels will have to be borne by the traveller.
    9-GST of 5% as per updated Govt Regulations.
    10-Cost of Bottled water during the expedition.

  • Important Point related to transport

  • Transport from Gangotri and the return can be arranged by us at an extra cost. It will cost Rs.7,500 per Tata Sumo one way. Participants are expected to share the cost of the cab. The amount is to be paid directly to our transporter. No GST is applicable on transport cost. Eccentric Travels can only arranges the vehicle pick up and is not responsible for any issues during transport. You can choose to come independently to the (Gangotri: Trek start point)

    Cancellation Policy

    Case 1- Cancellation from Customer's end

    1-30% of the deposit amount if cancelled 30 days prior to trip start date.
    2-70% of the Full amount if cancelled 20 days prior to trip start date.
    3-100% of the Full amount if cancelled 10 days prior to trip start date.

    Case 2- Cancellation due to Natural Contingency,Political Turmoil, Disaster and No Show

    No Money will be Refunded in Case 2.

    In case the balance payment is yet to be made from customers end, the customer would be liable to pay the remaining amount.

    Essentials List

    1 High Quality Winter Jacket
    3 High Quality Winter Fleece
    1 Rain Cover for Body
    2 Pair Warmers
    3 Pair Tre/Riding Pants

    Other Essential

    1 Winter Cap
    1 Pair High QualityGloves
    1 Scarf and Muffler
    1 Trek/Riding Shoe
    1 Think Outer and Thin Inner Socks
    12 Pair: Change Socks Everyday
    1-Back Pack (50-70 lt.)
    1-Rain Cover For Bags
    1-Sandals Slippers for Evenings
    2-Insulated Water bottles
    1- Trekking Pole


    2-Battery packs
    2 10000 MAH BATTERIES
    4-6 Camera Battery pack
    1-Head lamps

    Toilet Essential

    1 Winter Face Creme/Sun Protection
    1 Face Wash
    1 Hand Sanitiser
    1 Deodorant


  • Documentation for Indian Travellers

  • 1- Every Trekker has the responsibility for submitting the required documents within the below mentioned timeline.
    2- A scanned copy of Photo Identity to be submitted within 7 days of the date of booking the expedition.
    3- Signed and scanned copy of the indemnity form

  • Documentation for Foreign nationals

  • 1- Every Trekker has the responsibility for submitting the required documents within the below mentioned timeline.
    2- A scanned copy of Photo Identity to be submitted within 7 days of the date of booking the expedition.
    3- Signed and scanned copy of the indemnity form
    4- Self Attested scanned copy of Indian Visa 30 days prior to trip start date
    5- Self Attested scanned Copy of Passport 30 days prior to trip start date
    6-Schedule for Arrival and Departure in India.
    Available Dates

    What's so great about us!

    Extraordinary, Extreme and Breathtaking Himalayan Expeditions.
    Expert team of certified mountaineering guides.
    High Quality Camping Equipments, Technical Equipments for Climbing and Mountaineering.
    Highly Skilled Bike Leader/Sweeper and Mechanic for Motorbiking Expeditions.
    Huge fleet of Royal Enfield Bikes for Overland Himalayan Motorbiking Expeditions.
    Extensive knowledge of Himalayan Ecosystem and Geographical territory.
    Critical response team well trained for Altitude sickness, High Altitude Acclimatisation Problems and Emergency exits.
    Huge Network of Guesthouses, homestay and Hotels for extraordinary stay.
    Professional team of Film Makers and Photographers for Shoot during Travel.
    High Quality Goodies for Each traveller.