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Planet Earth II: The most Incredible Indian Locations Chosen by producers

David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II is already engaging  viewers with its extraordinary High Definition 4K photography. The First Episode has already broken records for last 15 years of Natural History,crossing 9 Million views. Shooting in 117 locations across 40 countries, the BBC’s d film crew racked up an epic 2089 days on the road. The Series is broken […]

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Adventure Travel Photographer of the Year 2016

Welcome to the Adventure Travel Photographer of the Year competition. An Yearly photography contest by Eccentric Travels. A prize that money can’t buy. The  overall winner will be off for 10 Days on an Himalayan Photography mission to capture the drama and action of the Chadar Frozen River Trek. CATEGORIES The Contest encompasses Three Categories- You can enter as […]

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8 Tips to Tackle the Chadar Trek in 2017

How do you survive a frozen river trek in India’s coldest region? Its just 3 months before the season for Chadar Frozen River Trek hits in. Have any plans? Here are few tips to help you fight and win. The chadar refers to the frozen-over Zanskar river, used as a means for crossing over  for the inhabitants, to […]

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Our 8 Favourite Campsites Across Himalayas

Feel like travelling? Pack your bags, fill up the tank of your bullet, and get going! It’s your country, your home, why do you need to worry about formalities and reservations while travelling? Keep them aside for the guests, and explore your land with every right- drive to each and every corner, make friends with […]

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ChandraTal to Baralacha La (Pass) Trek

If Conquering High Altitudes is your cup of tea, this trek is for you.The epic trail takes you to the a high Altitude Glacier Lake and ends at a High Altitude Mountain Pass. Both Start Point and End Point are  peculiar in Nature.  Chandratal on one hand is a high altitude Alpine lake in the […]

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The Majestic Mountain Passes In India, Look how similar they are ?

A mountain pass is a route through a mountain range or over a ridge. Since many of the world’s mountain ranges have presented formidable barriers to travel, passes have been important since before recorded history, and have played a key role in trade, war, and migration. At lower elevations it may be called a hill pass. Mountain passes make use of a gap, saddle or col (also […]

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2016 Himalayan Photo Contest, Participate Now

The Photo Contest is a way to bring the community together and share what they love. We allow photographers from all over the world to share their work, and inspire others. By sharing your best shots, we can congratulate those who are doing an amazing job and encourage others to continue. Send and Upload your […]

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Or, Through Serendipity Rishab Stumbled Into Bajling Top

On his recent trek to Pindari glacier in Kumaon, Rishabh and fellow travellers happened to discover a new interesting day trek near Khati Village. With the closure of Glacier route due to heavy snowfall, Rishabh and his friends  had a few extra days to spare for some added adventure. The Trail to The Top Taking a trail […]

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Trekking makes you aware of invisible world around you,Says Palash Vaswani

Palash went to Kedarkantha on 2015-03-09 and he seem to have been completely mesmerized by the magnanimous Peaks of Himalayas.For all those, who are unaware what Kedarkantha is, go ahead and watch the video Kedarkantha is a mesmerizing winter trek in Indian state of Uttarakhand. It forces you to submit yourself to the soaring peaks of Garhwal Himalayas […]

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Why do people fall in love with NH 1D that connects Srinagar to Ladakh

The Himalayas are older than anything in the world, as old as India herself. Because as geology tells us the Himalayas were once upon an antiquity the debris that floored an earth-wide ocean. But then the African continent was torn apart, and the Dravidian landmass floated towards the east. The sinking of some land and […]

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10 Offbeat Destinations you Should Definitely Visit this Summer

Holidays are just around the corner and soon families will start packing for the annual summer vacation they all have been waiting for impatiently! Are you also one among the many die hard explorers who just doesn’t get satisfied visiting the usual places again and again? If you have a will to experiment the unexplored, […]

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The Best Travel Accounts from India on Instagram you should Follow Right Now

Instagram is becoming a popular platform in India, with almost 6 million monthly users in the country.From stunning shots of Himachal to some of the best photography of the Northeast, these accounts are filled with all the inspiration you need. 1-Highways of India An Instagram account celebrating life on the highways “Hour of freedom..lets fly” […]

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Chopta Grasslands offer most Invigorating view of the Breathtaking Himalayas

Snow capped peaks, dense forests, mini-Switzerland, chilly winters, pleasant summers and mesmerising monsoons, the land of Chopta has small packets of joy,happiness, serenity and thrill awaiting to be unwrapped by every tourists that visit this not-so-popular hill station of Uttarakhand. Seemingly Infinite Slopes The high altitude alpine meadow of Chopta:Image by Focuztours Tour Operator Image […]

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Inside Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary in the lap of the Blue Mountains

Thick green cover, the melodious songs of the bird sitting on the branches of various trees, wild animals resting near the waterhole and the aura of the wilderness, welcomes you to the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. The Tiger Reserve. Two Royal Bengal Tigers fighting for throne:Image by The Guardian Image Source The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is […]

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Zanskar is a combination of soaring Himalayas,desert & Ancient Buddhism

India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit was the mother of European’s languages: she was the mother of our philosophy mother, through the Arabs of much of our Mathematics; mother, through the Buddha of the ideas embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways […]

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How a 800 year old Mitawli Temple served an inspiration for Parliament House of India

Have you ever been to the Parliament House of India? Well, a single glance at the building is enough to mesmerize anyone. The huge circular building spreading out like a colossal fortress, the building where the decisions that build India are taken. Ever wondered what the inspiration behind the spellbinding founding stone of the democracy of […]

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A Thousand Years old lost capital of Gangaikonda Cholapuram

About a thousand years ago, a great city was built by the greatest living king of the age. Strong walls protected the city from eyes of enemies and magnificent temples rose within those walls. In the heart of the city sat the marvellous palace of the king where life throve in the court. Arts and architecture […]

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The Coolest Campsites in India! Pack your Bags, fill up the tank of your bullet & get going

Feel like travelling? Pack your bags, fill up the tank of your bullet, and get going! It’s your country, your home,why do you need to worry about formalities and reservations while travelling? Keep them aside for the guests, and explore your land with every right- drive to each and every corner, make friends with your […]

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Best & Visually Stunning Travel Videos from India.

Incredible, miraculous, breathtaking, astonishing, marvelous, phenomenal- words will never be enough to define this amazingly wonderful country ! From north to south, from east to west, India is thousand kilometers of unbelievable beauty. It is a phenomenon in itself, a creation of Nature, that not just happened but was planned by her over centuries and […]

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The 170 km Panch Kedar Trek in Uttarakhand to 5 Most Revered Shiva Temples

The magnanimous Himalayan Range also encompasses the five heavenly abodes of the highly revered Hindu God, Lord Shiva. The Sanskrit term, Panch Kedar means  five rock formations which are symbolic of the body parts of Lord Shiva. Rugged mountains, snow capped peaks, a steep climb, and a drive called ‘faith’ and ‘devotion’ are just a […]

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